Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More paper...and color

I used to paint.  I painted with watercolors.  Before I had children.  For some reason in the past 6 years or so I have not picked up a paint brush whatsoever.   Then a week ago or so Jean looked at one of the embroideries we were working on with paper and thread and said "I wonder what this would look like if you added some paint to it" and gave me a --- you could do it....look.  You know, that look that Jean has that instills confidence in us and encourages us to explore our own creative talents.  So I did just that.  I came home and dusted off my paintbrushes, was dismayed to find a few paints had "dried" up, was excited to discover many had not -- hunted until I found my favorite brush (I tend to paint like I golf....one brush, one club....) -- and....

There are some really great art quilt technique classes coming up at Quilter's Haven.  There are the art sampler classes and there is an art and color theory class also coming up soon - check out the website.   I was in the shop on Saturday and Jean has some adorable postcard samples that Shelli did -- and she is teaching a class.  There is a great painted Sample that Jennifer did and she will be showing us how to use the paints in Jean's shop and make our own painted sample.  This is all just FUN!!

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