Friday, March 2, 2012

Hand Lotion at Quilter's Haven

It is dry skin season - no doubt about that.  I have tried a lot of hand lotions and usually don't like the slippery feeling, the smell, or the oil residue that seems to get left behind.  I have found a new lotion that I am in LOVE with!!!  Jean carries it at the shop and it is WONDERFUL.  It works great, has a pleasant smell and you can sew sew sew with it and there is no residue on your fabric.

Right now she has the soft cotton, the mango coconut and the vanilla.  I just used the soft cotton and love the smell.  My daughter, Brynne, and I were at the shop last night and both Brynne and Jean smelled of lovely vanilla all night long!!  

I forget the exact cost but its somewhere around $12 and you only need a small drop.  You should try too will LOVE it!!

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  1. Glycerin? Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up.