Friday, January 27, 2012

Retreat...and Feet

I am at the Quilter's Haven Retreat at the St. James Hotel in Redwing, Minnesota.  I can only say -- this is AWESOME!  There will be more people arriving today and there will be about 30 in total sewing and quilting away.  It is GREAT!!  This was a great choice - since it fits in nice with my "try new things" approach I have decided to embrace at least for the moment.  The ideas are freely flowing and the sharing of ideas and projects is amazing.

So -- I think I will have to add a second teflon foot to my arsenal of presser feet.  Earlier this week I told you about the 52 foot that I tried (and that I have now learned I may have to beg Jean to exchange for me since I grabbed a 52 foot and I have now learned there is a 52D foot that will fit my Bernina 830 -- and that is my next challenge to learn and start using -- I know, I know -- how can you own a Bernina 830 and not be using it all the time....that is about to change).    Anyhow, I love it when people tell me they read this blog and want to share their experiences and idea!!!!! (by the way, you can feel free to share with me and the others - I have enabled the comments section - it is a great way to share information).   Jo - who works in the shop - came up to me and said she had read about my teflon foot admiration for foot 52 and told me she wanted to share her favorite teflon foot -- FOOT 53.   That foot is also a teflon foot but is narrower -- here is what I hadn't thought of -- she said that her favorite thing about the 53 foot is that the right side of the presser foot is 1/8 of an inch --- that is PERFECT for topstitching on laminate fabric!     The nice thing about Bernina is that they sell extra storage cases for presser feet in the event that you fill up your 1 or 2 or in other words - you can never have too many presser feet.   Or, you can be creative like Ginger (a Quilter's Haven regular) that has built a presser foot garage -- leaving open doors to keep adding feet.

Well, I have to go -- another day is starting.  This is "sew" exciting!!!

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