Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Minkee has arrived!!

The minkee has arrived. The new animal prints, black paisley and all the favorites!

I am on my way to the shop!!   These make the greatest backings for quilts.  And, with just 1/2 a yard (more or less depending on the width you want) you can make the coolest scarves!  I will upload photos of mine...having said that -- I now need to go and get mine so that I can add to my collection.  Jodi, Rachel and Jean will be right there with me adding to their collections of scarves (and probably helping me make mine.).   That is what is so great about having quilter friends.   It all started with Jodi making a scarf that I had in my hands as a gift at a holiday party -- only Jean managed to take it away in a game we were playing (her -- and Rachel coming in to save the day by saying let's make you one right now -- so Rachel helped (really she made) me a beautiful scarf...I just love it.  Chelsea from the shop made one that night also and Jodi added another to her collection.    So, at the end of the night -- we all had new, beautiful scarves!!!  THE MINKEE has ARRIVED -- I am so excited...and since it is cold outside...PERFECT TIMING!!!

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