Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cherrywood Fabrics

They have arrived....

Cherrywood Fat Quarter Bundles have arrived at Quilter's Haven!!!

Cherrywood Fabrics are hand-dyed fabrics that have the gorgeous look of suede.   Cherrywood Fabrics have perfected the look of graduations that inspire quilter's designers and wearable artists!!  The fabrics have a tone-on-tone texture that read as a solid fabric but project a depth and varied texture that give these fabrics a one of a kind look!

Cherrywood Fabrics originated as a cottage industry about 20 years ago by Dawn Hall (sadly, Dawn died in 2002 after a battle with cancer).  However, Dawn's ideas, inspiration and legacy continue today as the wonderful colors and textures of these fabrics continue to be produced according to the reputation for high-quality, deep colors and inspiring fabrics known as Cherrywood Fabrics.    

The best news is -- those fabrics are now available at Quilter's Haven.  The packaging of these fabrics is unique in that the fabric is bundled in what are termed "Eight Step Bundles."  What this means is that the color choices have already been made and are packaged with 8 fabrics each in a slightly different shade -- your project will have a beautiful, coordinated look - no matter how you choose to use these fabrics.   The bundles are arriving now -- so stop in and see the gorgeous bundles (right now we have fat quarter bundles in stock...).

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