Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa - Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissors

Last week I was in the shop and looking over the notion's wall at Quilter's Haven.  I saw this funny looking little thing for lack of a better word in a package and immediately said to Jean "what is this?"  She said it is one little awesome tool -- it is a little scissors that lets you cut jump stitches for embroidery - or at least that is what it is intended to do.  The cost is $18.95.

I decided to give it a try - I love new things.  

Okay - this is the coolest little thing.  I took it out of the package and was just amazed at it.  First of all, this little puppy is sharp - and pointy.  Keep the cover on the tip or you will have a sweet little puncture in your bag or project or pocket or wherever you put it.    I tried it out on some machine embroidery - and it is slick.  Okay - but here is where I am really using it.  I am working on binding a quilt - and it is just great as a little thread snip.   I am starting an embroidery project and it will be perfect.

If you think you have everything there is related to quilting but you don't have one of these -- you need one. I give it a thumb and forefinger up (which is really how you use it....).

Here is the Santa deal of the day --- if you buy one of these from Quilter's Haven between today and December 31st and mention the blog deal - you will get 15 percent off on the Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissors.    These are perfect gifts, stocking stuffers.

This Santa loves hers!!!

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