Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa - Little Wallet

Dear Santa - I want to make a Little Wallet for Christmas - what can you bring me?  Kristi

Dear Kristi -- I stopped by Quilter's Haven today and here is what you will be getting  (oh, and anyone else stopping by Quilter's Haven between today and December 31st will get 15 percent off these two items)

First, I am getting you the Valorie Wells "Little Wallet" pattern ($3.00)

And, second for the snap - you are getting the SnapSetter Tool -- I chose purple for you because it is your favorite (Jean knew that).  Hey - Jean even mentioned when you find out how much you love it - she can order additional snaps, the tool adapter for other sizes and even a small hammer for you!
Enjoy - and looking forward to seeing your finished Little Wallet!!


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