Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Santa - Bag Making

Dear Santa -- I LOVE making bags - and, in fact, Jean and I are talking about a "Bag of the Month" for 2011....I would love anything that might help in making totes and bags....Kristi

Dear Kristi - I walked into Quilter's Haven and Jean handed me 3 items she said she knew you would LOVE (in fact, one of those items she said you and she had found it at market together) --

Yes, the "Box-It" Bag Bottom Ruler ($19.00).   This handy little ruler allows you to measure the sides of your bags for perfectly even sides/gussets.  There is a slot you can insert your fabric in and then a grid to measure the side of your bag, mark it and sew it - then do it on the other side.  She said you would love it!

Then, Jean said she added two of what she already knows you LOVE using in making bags:
Scrap-bag Magnetic Snaps (available in two sizes) ($4.50) and Ghees Handbag Feet ($4.00) -- Jean said she knows there is hardly a bag that you make that you don't use (usually both) of these in!  Enjoy!

She also said that to punch the holes in the bag bottom to insert the feet or for the spot to insert the snap - you will LOVE the Clover Straight Tailor's Awl...


PS - And, anyone who comes into Quilter's Haven and buys any of these three items between now and December 31, 2010 gets 15 percent off if you mention the Dear Santa blog!

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