Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here is what I am Reading....

Friday I was in the shop and found myself  looking through the magazines Jean has by the cutting table at the shop.   The Winter 2010 "Quilts and more" caught my eye (and, as we know - winter truly has arrived).  For only $6.99 this magazine is packed with 23 easy projects --  not only are they quick and easy projects - they are really cute projects.   I like a magazine in which there are at least several projects that I find myself thinking "I want to make that."

Not only did I think "I want to make that" - I decided that I will not only tell you about this magazine - but I intend to make some of the projects and show you.  So, here is what you will be seeing in the next few weeks.  First, there is a quick and easy row quilt (selected the fabric on Friday from the shop) -- and,  better yet -  I came home Friday and in a very short time had the topped pieced.  I am quilting it right now and will show it to you as soon as it is done (I am pretty sure it will take me longer to bind than to make the top unless I get my friend Zee to bind it - she is the fastest and best binder I know...).

There is an adorable little Christmas tree centerpiece you make out of terra cotta pots that I am going to make and show you as soon as I find the little pots.   My intent is to let my 4 year old son make one along with me (it will be sticky but fun....) and I will let you know how it goes.   I love the little owl purse shown on the cover.  There are several nice sized lap throws in the magazine.   Oh - and some adorable donut pincushions (and I know the perfect "baker" to make and show you those - I just have to convince her to make some for us...).

I think you will love some of the projects you are going to see out of this magazine in the next few weeks.  Stop by the shop and pick up your copy of this magazine today -- for, when they are gone - they are gone....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Quilter's Haven Blog is back!! Sorry for sort of "leaving you" for several months - as you have noticed, we have a lot of new things -- not only new ideas and products for you -- but a new STORE LOCATION, a new WEBSITE -- and lots of NEW things to share with you and tell you about.

I spent all day yesterday with Jean at the shop and was just amazed at all the new products that she has in stock. I have much to tell you in the upcoming blogs! I also invite you to feel free to leave comments and make suggestions about blog post - please do not leave order requests or information - those need to be directed directly to Jean at her email or at the store. However, Jean and I discussed what we are going to do with this blog and we have decided that we are going to try out new ideas and products, show you projects in process and let me test out new ideas and techniques (showing you them along the way and giving you my honest opinion - in other words, if we give something a "thumbs down" you likely won't find it in Jean's store!!!).

I was REALLY impressed with a new little machine that just arrived in the shop -- the Bernette 46. It is a new starter machine from
Bernina and, well Bernina doesn't allow prices to be posted online, I can tell you that in their own literature they say "starting at $149.00" and I can tell you that Jean is at the starting gate. You are likely to see a few more entries about this machine - I told Jean I want to try this out and see if it is really all that they describe. We are going to also explore the new Bernina 300 series (which I am also really impressed with -- I have to tell you I have a Bernina 830 -- but for some reason I really want a Bernina 380 also)!!! And, I have a new Bernina serger you are going to get to help me take out of the box and try out!

Anyhow, back to this Bernette 46 -- a few years ago my Grandma gave me her sewing machine when she was moved into assisted living. She wanted a small, lightweight machine and got one from a retailer. She never liked and never used that machine much. I tend to have a "collection" of machines and when she died I got that machine - I have to tell you that one went on
ebay. If Jean had been a Bernina dealer at the time and the Bernette 46 had been around - that is the one I can assure you my Grandma would have had -- and she would have loved it and used it! My 4 year old son, Christoper, wants "Jean to teach him to quilt" and I think this might be the machine he learns on!! In fact, he was begging Jean to begin his lessons yesterday -- and the Bernette 46 was the very machine he picked out and wanted her to "light up" and plug in. If he was a few years older - he might have one of these under the tree for Christmas!

So - if you want a light weight but heavy duty machine to take to classes or to tote around instead of a featherweight -- look at this machine. Or - check you holiday gift list --- yourself, mother, grandmother, daughter, son, husband, boyfriend, sister, brother, friend -- well, this is a GREAT gift and one that would bring years of enjoyment.

I was sure impressed! So impressed that in case you missed the photo above - here it is again!

The cool retro look of the Bernette 46 is reminiscent of early sewing machines.
The Bernette 46 is a great machine at an affordable price. With variable stitch width and an assortment of practical and decorative stitches, the Bernette 46 helps you turn your sewing dreams into stitched projects!