Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Quilter's Haven just got in Bo-Nash Iron Clean which says on the package it is "The easy way to clean your iron's surface." So, I tried it. It truly is.

The package contains 10 sheets and sells at Quilter's Haven for $3.95. I had an iron that had come in contact with the wrong side of some fusible web (and had some normal build up on it as well - OK a lot of build up) -- it was in serious need of cleaning - so I opened the package and took out what looked like a dryer sheet. The package says to heat the iron on high for one minute, put the sheet of iron clean on a paper towel (I used a scrap of muslin) and wipe the base of your iron over the IRON CLEAN sheet until the residue was removed. I was skeptical at first - then totally amazed. It worked and it worked wonderfully -the bottom of my iron shined like new. All I did was run my iron over this sheet a couple of times. No burnt fingers! I was really pleased at how well it worked for me. I would definitely recommend trying it -- you will find it on the notions wall at Quilter's Haven.

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  1. I agree this product is in my must have and take with me everytime I go to sew. You never know when you'll have a fusible oops with someone else iron or someone will do it to you. Be the hero and save the day!