Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get a Grip!

Quilter's Haven just got in 2 new notions which will help you to "GET A GRIP" on your quilting projects.

For those "Digitabulists" (seriously, that is what people who collect thimbles are known as) Clover's Get a Grip Thimble is a perfect notion to add to your collection. This thimble combines a soft elastic material with a metal thimble cap. It is light and comfortable to use. Three sizes are available and there is a fitting guide right on the package (in other words, if your finger fits through the hole on the package that is the thimble for you).

The first thimble was made in 1695 in England and was made of a brass combination. The device was intended to keep needles from slipping and was known as a "thumb-bell" - it was worn on the thumb (the shape was like a bell, hence the name thumb-bell). Obviously today thimbles are worn on a finger and they are made from metal, leather, rubber, wood, glass and even china. There are even some rare thimbles which are made from diamonds, sapphires and rubies (although those likely will set you back more than the $8.95 for the Clover Grip and Protect Thimble). Thimble collecting is extremely popular in England and there is an annual "Great Exhibit" which showcases thimble history. Thimbles have been melted down for the metal (during war times), used for advertising, used to commemorate important events (like shop hops) and who can forget the miniature thimble that is one of the tokens in Monopoly.

Quilter's Haven has the Clover Protect and Grip Thimble on the notion wall as well as several other thimble styles - check them out!
The second "gripping" notion which has just arrived is "Grip-n-Grip" by Bear Thread Designs. This is a heat resistant non-slip surface which will hold your project steady and keep it in place. What can you use it for you might ask --- how about hooping embroidery projects, marking quilt tops, coloring or using paintsticks on fabric, tracing applique pieces, making quilt labels, signing friendship blocks - just a few ideas. The mat measures 12.5 x 18 inches and you will find it on the notions wall at Quilter's haven.